When I am introduced to a new project, my goal is to uncover the needs and wants of all the stakeholders involved. I conduct user interviews, observations, and information gathering sessions. Active listening is key to me in this phase. This leads to an understanding that drives the creation of personas and feeds into the rest of my process.




Keeping the research findings in mind, I begin with sketches to generate ideas. My best sketches turn into wireframes, user flows, and interaction maps to help craft the best experience for the user. These artifacts help to manage complex processes and leads into the creation of prototypes and functional specifications that will be used by the designers and developers in the later stages.




My experience with visual and web design allows me to transform the deliverables from prior phases into fully realized solutions. I can create pixel perfect designs and assets, build the systems, and speak tech talk to devs. With this power comes great responsibility so I often test for usability as features are being implemented and continuously iterate.